Bypass Boston’s smoking ban with a drink in your hand

Dashing up the coast on business? In town to take in a game at Fenway Park? Business or pleasure, make sure you stop by Cigar Masters in the Back Bay. Boston’s largest smoking lounge is supported by a large walk-in humidor and a bar with a full selection of imported beers and carefully chosen wines and ports. Attentive service will keep your glass full, and with ample comfortable seating, you’ll find it difficult to get up from the soft leather couch and leave.

Boston has several cigar destinations, but each has its limitations. L. J. Peretti boasts a great selection and reasonable prices-but it has no lounge. In the summer, you can grab a stick and head for the Boston Public Garden … but this is not as attractive an option in December. Trust me. Gloucester Street Cigar offers some great sticks that can be difficult to find elsewhere, and there is a bit more seating available. Beverages (and bathrooms), though, are lacking.

Cigar Masters is the only shop with the complete experience. You can show up empty handed and find the right drink to pair with your cigar at the lounge. Or, you can pick up a stick elsewhere and light it at Cigar Masters, as long as you pay the $10 cutting fee.

Once you pass through the front curtain, you’ll see why Cigar Masters is worth a visit. You can catch a game on the flat screen in the back or watch the Boylston Street traffic shuffle by while you sit in the large front window. If necessary, you can even have your shoes shined while you puff away. Cigar Masters redefines “full service.”

Whether you’re in Boston for a weekend getaway or have a same-day round trip for a meeting, you will want a place to smoke. Cigar Masters is it. Let the bartender pour you a glass of Boddingtons and cut your Davidoff Millennium. All you have to do is light and smoke.