Join the 13-mile high club in a MiG

Incredible Adventures wants to push you through the sound barrier. Step into a MiG-29 and prepare to be thrust past Mach 1 in the fighter jet that caused Rocky to fight Drago. Or, find your way to the edge of space in a MiG-31. Find your way to Russia to get started, and then leave the Earth behind.

To pass the speed of sound, Incredible Adventures takes you to Nizhny and gives you a choice: the legendary MiG-29 or the newer MiG-31. The company has an arrangement with the Nizhny Novgorod Sokol Aircraft Building Plant, making the whole “MiGs over Moscow” program possible. The people who supply fighter jets to more than 30 countries, of course, take quality seriously. After all, they needed to develop the goods to end democracy. So, they’ll do everything possible to make sure your day at the airbase is an incredible adventure.

If new heights matter more to you than outpacing the words coming out of your mouth, check out the “Edge of Space” program. Join the “13-mile high” club in a MiG-31 with one of Russia’s premier fighter pilots.

When you touch down, lament the loss of your wingman, jump on a couch and tell people not to take psychiatric medicines.