Virgin America sets Boston launch

The long heralded arrival of Virgin America into Boston Logan airport has been scheduled, and the tight jeans are coming out. February 11th marks the launch party in Los Angeles for the new LAX-BOS and SFO-BOS transcontinental routes, while the day after, Feb 12th will be the first eastbound flights.

Virgin America is keeping mum on what exactly the plans are for the launch; each new route so far has brought some sort of themed debauch, including Victoria’s Secret models, Entourage actors and rock stars.

Usually the theme revolves around the destination city though, which can only mean one thing: Puritanical hedonism. I know that you think that those terms are oxymorons, but once you slip your buckled shoes and giant hats on, well, that’s when you can let the booze and love take over.

Stay tuned to Gadling for the scoop on the Boston launch, and book your tickets on the new routes today.