Passenger makes bomb threat on Delta flight to LA

I’m not sure whether it is something in the water, or just a general increase of insane people, but another fool has managed to get arrested after making a bomb threat on his Delta Airlines flight to LA airport.

The man got up out of his chair upon approach to LAX, and announced that he was carrying a bomb.

Several passengers on the flight then subdued the guy, and used plastic ties to keep him from creating more trouble. When the plane landed, the guy then attempted to leave the plane through an emergency exit.

The photo you see above was taken by a passenger on the flight, and was sent to the CNN iReporters site using his Blackberry, talk about a live action report!

Of course, the various federal agencies are now involved, and will be investigating the motives of the suspect, as well as checking the plane for any explosives.

It’s one thing to joke about a bomb, it’s a completely different ballgame when you actually stand up and make such a threat, and hopefully the fool behind this will be locked away for enough time to think long and hard about his actions, and how the passengers on his flight must have felt. Pretty soon the greatest threat to aviation won’t be terrorists, it’ll be insane people.