Photo of the Day (1.11.09)

We just featured Flickr user ultraclay! earlier this week, but he seems to be on a roll, so I’m going to tip our Gadling hat to him one more time. I’m always particularly curious about the process behind the creation of a photograph, and this image is no exception.

Ultraclay!’s submission was taken at a plain old hotel bar in San Francisco. Logic might suggest that it’s most important to have your camera when you’re out sightseeing, but that’s not always true. The more often you carry your camera, the more likely you’re going to be ready for that unexpected moment or visual epiphany that can make all the difference. In this case the lighting, shadow and composition all come together to turn a somewhat ordinary bar scene into something atmospheric and mysterious.

Do you have any travel photos you’d like to share with the world? Why not add them to the Gadling pool on Flickr? We might just pick your image as our next Photo of the Day.