The best job in the world comes with an island and a $100,000 salary

If the current economic climate is starting to make you feel a little down, how about taking a job as a caretaker at the Great Barrier Reef?

You’ll work very hard (for several hours a week), posting to a blog, picking up the mail and feeding the fish.

And for all that hard work, you will be paid about $8400 every 2 weeks (or $100,000 for the 6 month duration of your contract).

When your contract starts, you’ll be flown from anywhere in the world to Hamilton Island and you’ll live in a 3 bedroom house, all for free.

Sounds too good to be true? Well, it’s all part of a job hunt/pr stunt by Queensland Tourism to find their next caretaker and promote the area.

Of course, this isn’t as simple as sending in an application and packing your bags. You’ll be competing with thousands of others who think they are better suited for this job than you. That said, it is a real job, and the offer is most certainly legitimate.

If you feel up to the challenge, and think you have what it takes to send in an interesting application, head on over to their “apply now” page and keep your fingers crossed.

The final selection process for candidates takes place on Hamilton Island, and if you make the final cut, you’ll be flown there, all expenses paid!

The PR part of the job means you’ll sit on your island telling the world what a fantastic place the Great Barrier Reef islands are. To help you with your job, the tourist agency even provides you with Internet access, a computer and some video equipment.

You have until February 22nd to submit your application!

UPDATE: Please don’t contact Gadling with applications or questions about this job. Gadling is NOT sponsoring this job. If you have questions, please visit to learn more.

UPDATE 2: If does not load, it’s because their server is getting crushed from visits. Please be patient and try again soon.

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