Photo of the day (12.20.09)

For a person who has never been too fond of Southern California, I’ve recently found myself drawn to the region. Perhaps it’s because the weather is good — or maybe it’s because the girls are so much prettier and because I don’t have to think of home.

Either the way, in my last three visits to the area I’ve lingered longer every time. On Saturday, I took an early ride up the coast line from Marina Del Ray up past the Santa Monica Pier to visit an Ultimate Frisbee tournament. Afterwards in Venice Beach, where this photo was taken, I had breakfast on Washington. At home, the high temperature on Saturday was 12°.

mce323‘s picture of Venice reminds me of the parts of the city that I really love, the boutiques along the PCH, the cliffs in Malibu and the California style burritos. It makes me almost want to move to SoCal. Almost.

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