Food blogger picks up gout, pride

If you ever needed proof that bloggers do take their jobs seriously, well, here it is. Citysearch restaurants editor Joe Ozersky proudly announced yesterday that he has “the disease of kings,” on his appropriately named blog, The Feedbag. Once considered a sign of status and luxury, like having pale skin because you didn’t work in the fields, gout isn’t exactly a common ailment any more.

“What a triumph!” Ozersky exclaims before waxing on the side effects, such as a painful inflammation in his toe and lack of mobility. Of course, he blames New York for impairing the health of the people in his line of work but reminds us that “that’s why they invented long walks on brisk days, salads, and endless glasses of water throughout the day.” Maybe he should take advantage of these things.

[Via The Feedbag, photo by Steve Zak]