Can other airlines learn from Virgin America?

In my mind, there is nothing worse than flying. I think it’s a waste of time (I’ve probably wasted, cumulatively, half a year of my life in the air). Ever since I had to take off my shoes and undo my belt, I’ve hated checking through security. And there’s something really gross about sharing oxygen with over a hundred other travelers on a plane. I feel like I’m bound to catch the flu.

The one saving grace in flying is the entertainment on the plane, and even that has been lackluster these days (aside from “Slumdog Millionaire,” “Milk,” and “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button” there really is nothing out in theaters worth shouting about).

That is until Virgin America came along. This upscale carrier somehow found a way to make flying really comfortable and fun — starting with its safety video, which is just awesome.

With regard to the video, I love the wry narrative voice and the innovative shots and character sketches (a matador and bull buckling up? Brilliant!). The video was produced by Anomaly and animated by Wildbrain, who also creates imaginative commercials for Nike, Coca Cola, and Honda.

I think it would be a great idea if every airline carrier revamped the image of the airline safety video. Traveling would be that much more enjoyable, wouldn’t it? And while they’re at it, they could maybe learn a thing or two more from Virgin, such as installing comfy black leather seats perhaps, or offering personalized entertainment like “Red.” Every passenger gets to tap on a touch screen and select from dozens of music and real-time television (like CNN and USA) options. Even its latest unbeatable fares between California and Boston are a godsend from bi-coastal travelers like myself.

Once United, America, and Delta Airlines in particular take some notes and finally understand we’re no longer living in the 20th century, maybe — just maybe — people in the air will be far more happy flying the “friendly skies.”