The Seven Summits: View From The Top

In the world of adventure travel, the Seven Summits have been one of the top goals for climbers and trekkers alike since American Dick Bass first completed his quest to summit the highest mountains on each of the seven continents back in 1985. Since then, dozens have followed in his footsteps, experiencing the view from the summit of some of the most amazing mountains on Earth.

Most of us won’t see the top of those mountains for ourselves, which is why this photo gallery from Environmental Graffiti is so amazing. It consists of a series of photos from the peaks of each of the Seven Summits, with stunning views back down the mountain to the landscapes below.

The Seven Summits consist of Mt. Everest of course, which is not only the highest peak in Asia, but the entire world. Aconcagua is the tallest mountain in South America, with Mt. McKinley, also known as Denali, claiming that honor in North America, Mt. Elbrus is located in Russia, and is the highest mountain in Europe, while Kilimanjaro holds down the top spot for Africa. Mt. Vinson in Antarctica is the most remote on the list.

The seventh mountain on the list is a bit open for debate. The original list, which stuck to the strict definition of a “continent” named Kosciusko, the tallest mountain in Australia, as the final summit, while a newer, revised list gives the nod to Carstensz Pyramid, a more remote, and technically challenging mountain, found in Indonesia on the island of Papua. Most of the climbers who set out to nab the Seven Summits will usually climb all eight just to be sure, and this wonderful gallery includes them all as well.