Bad economy? Quit whining and buy a private jet!

Sorry about the rude title for this article, but it’s the heart of the message being delivered by the poor jet makers at Cessna.

See, they are fed up with the bad publicity the private jet has received in recent weeks. Fed up with the press complaining about broke automakers taking their jets to DC, fed up with the public complaining about their morally corrupt bankers flying the company jet to their vacation destination while you watch your retirement fund sink deeper every day.

So, if you make private jets, what do you do? You tell people to shut up and buy a jet!

The message Cessna is trying to deliver, is that the corporate jet is not a luxury item, it’s a business tool used to outperform your competitor, it’s apparently “all about availing yourself of the tools to do your job”.

This is all part of their new “leadership campaign“, and in this economy I guess its the only thing you can do – beg and grovel. And if you are one of the sad people who can’t afford a private jet, I guess you could always rent one for a little loving!