Amplified Journeys

Road trips can often be infuriating if you don’t have the right musical ambiance. That’s why the Hong Kong-based company Amplified Journeys is introducing an easy, pain-free way of compiling a special soundtrack for your journeys cross-continent.

Whether you’re driving from Maine to California or from Paris to Istanbul, Amplified Journeys will help you create a personalized music collection for your journey. The way it works is quite simple:

  1. From the Amplified Journeys website, enter your destination starting and ending point
  2. Then, select your preferred genre of music and a musical artist within that genre
  3. Hit “Play” and you will be given driving directions as well as cool tune suggestions that are easily downloaded from the site itself!

It really is that simple, and even the least computer savvy individual can figure it out. When I tested the site (entering Boston to New York City and rock/Boston music), I was transported to a page with a split screen where I could view my journey on a map (with driving directions), as well as a pretty eclectic playlist that matched the locations I would be driving through with songs that would match my genre preference.

You can further personalize your soundtrack by selecting the ones that you want and ignoring the rest. Within minutes you will have a great soundtrack to your awesome, amplified journey. It’s a pretty cool tool for your iPod or iPhone, or just download the songs into your iTunes library and burn your own CD!

One little tip: search for shorter (maximum 5 hours travel time) destinations, as it takes longer to compile music for lengthy trips. Just piece your trips together later.