CNN has the wrong idea about what they’re serving on Northwest Airlines flights

Oh, Zain Verjee. It’s not your fault. We all make mistakes. Even sometimes twice in one report.

It doesn’t help that the headline at the bottom there says “Nuts On Northwest Flights.” Not those kind of nuts, CNN!


“Well, peanuts are now on Northwest Airlines’ snack menu, and travelers with allergies are flooding the carrier with complaints about the change. Northwest began serving penis — peanuts this month as its merger partner, Atlanta based Delta Airlines has done for years. Georgia is the top penis — pre — pre — peanut-producing state in the country …”

We know. This is shameless. It’s an honest mistake … but this is what the internet is for. Otherwise, you might have seen that on CNN and never known if anyone else did.

This is almost as funny as the time she was choking on Skittles on-air (after the jump).

CNN’s Zain Verjee chokes on Skittles:

P.S. Keep it up, Georgia!

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