Go to Australia, get dressed

Put your clothes back on.

Fitzroy Island, not far from Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, is famous for its nude beach, but a $100 million makeover has taken the fun out of it. This destination for those who detest clothing has gone upscale, and clothing is no longer optional. Several hotels have popped up to accommodate 450 people, shrouding them in suites and one- and two-bedroom apartments.

Now that Fitzroy Island has sold out, restaurants, bars, conference facilities, retailers and theaters have invaded, and they’re not the kind that let you shed your threads upon arrival. There’s plenty to do … if you want to be conventional.

There is some good news in all this, though. Up-market hotels do tend to have comfortable beds, so you can still get naked someplace. And, if you look hard, I’m sure some of the apartments have kitchen counters.

[Via Sydney Morning Herald]