Jetstar website caves under pressure

Jetstar doesn’t deal with pressure well. Whether it’s the weight of a hefty passenger slowing down the plane or a deluge of traffic for a sale, the airline just can’t seem to get nimble. A deal to kick off its new domestic service in New Zealand led to digital mayhem.

The Australian low-cost carrier offered $1 fares on its website. This drew 50,000 bargain-hunters at once, causing the Jetstar website to collapse. Even success leads to failure for this hapless airline.

The promotion was actually pretty generous. Jetstar put 20,000 $1 one-way tickets on the table for use between July 22 and September 22. The two-hour sale was extended by 30 minutes, and the inventory was sold out.

As with any super-bargain, there’s always room for complaint. A $1 ticket actually cost $3 when the customer paid with a credit card. Checked luggage was not permitted under the deal. In some cases, transaction costs reached as high as $8 … the horror!

Needless to say, this is the most effective online travel gimmick since Leading Hotels of the World disappointed would-be travelers by under-powering its website for a sweetheart hotel deal.

[Via Sydney Morning Herald]