Ryanair solicits ideas more ridiculous than pay toilets

Remember that little brouhaha that Ryanair stirred up a few days ago about pay toilets? (Also known as “The Most Ridiculous Thing I’ve Ever Heard.”) Seems as though they’re riding that train (or low-fare airline)…and seeing how far they can go.

The latest in their busy week of announcements: a competition. Yes, they’re asking travelers to suggest other “ingenious, wacky, and creative ideas” for discretionary charges (if not pay toilets, which the company has admitted it was “only joking” about). Among the ideas listed as examples are charges for using the oxygen masks and emergency exits.

Can I just say: thank goodness we’re finally getting to the culmination of what’s turned out to be a PR stunt…so we can potentially forget that it was suggested. After the past few years of charges so strange that you’d expect them to be fake, we wouldn’t want airlines to get any crazy ideas, right?

But anybody wanting to play along can submit ideas for the contest by March 30th. €1000 cash is the prize for the winning idea.