SkyMall Monday: Full Color Photo Throw

You love your family. You love to visit them, speak to them on the phone and keep photos of them around your home. That’s what you do when you love people and want to keep them close. But what if you really need to keep them close? What if you really need to express your love and devotion to them? You only have so many kidneys to give. Well, thankfully, SkyMall Monday is back to help you help yourselves. This week we learn what love is. This week, we discuss the Full Color Photo Throw.

Sure, you could display photos of your family in ornate frames or waste your hard-earned money on one of the asinine digital picture frames. But your love is better than that. Your love for your family cannot be contained within the confines of a 4×6, 5×7 or even 8×10 photo. No, you need something bigger. Something better. Something that also keeps you warm and makes your houseguests mildly to moderately uncomfortable. You need the Full Color Photo Throw.

It’s a blanket with a photo of your family (or friends, pets, sister-in-law, neighbor, yourself or some unsuspecting stranger) on it. Nothing will put your mind at ease more than laying down on the couch with some Irish coffee, your mortgage and credit card bills and a blanket with a larger-than-life photo of your loved ones on it. How relaxing!

Don’t believe me? You never do. It hurts my feelings. But, since you’re going to be that way, you might as well read the product description:

Turn your parent’s wedding photo into a cherished heirloom, honor a military hero, make a keepsake of the last family reunion photo or memorialize a beloved pet!

Who wouldn’t want to get busy with someone on the couch under a blanket festooned with a photo of their parents on it? And no one will be concerned about your emotional well-being when you take a nap under a blanket decorated with a picture of your dog who died 12 years ago. Nope, nothing to see here.

So, show everyone how much you love them in a totally healthy and well-adjusted way with the Full Color Photo Throw. It’s the natural way to love. Unlike the way your creepy uncle likes to love you.