Think you’ve touched all four states at the Four Corners? Think again.

I hate to break the news to you. Remember that time when you diligently placed a hand or foot in each of the four states at the Four Corners? You missed two or three states.

Yes, the landmark that celebrates the intersection of Arizona, Utah, Colorado, and New Mexico is mislabeled. The real Four Corners is 2.5 miles away.

Big ‘oops,’ wouldn’t you say? Apparently, when the location was surveyed by the government back in 1868, they goofed. It’s not news to people-in-the-know though, and it seems unlikely that the landmark will move after so many years as a photo op.

This geometry-buff’s dream isn’t quite as perpendicular as you’d expect. The Deseret News mentions that 77 miles north of the spot, the Utah-Colorado border jogs significantly to the east–although (strangely enough) the Arizona-New Mexico border doesn’t.