Say “I do” at 30,000 feet – easyJet wants to get into the wedding business

Desperate to generate some extra cash, every airline in the world is scrambling for ways to introduce new money making services. Some have considered paid bathrooms, others are going to double charge fatties. UK low cost carrier easyJet is in the lead at the moment in the creativity top 10.

The airline is planning to introduce in-flight weddings on their planes, allowing couples to tie the knot at 30,000 feet.

Imagine being able to get married on the plane that is taking you to your honeymoon destination.

Of course, it’ll still be on a tacky orange colored low cost carrier, and many of the passengers around you are probably already drunk from all the beer at the airport.

There is one minor issue they’ll need to work on first – UK law states that the place of marriage has to be a legal building, and that the building has to be permanent and “not moving”. Still, if they are able to work out the legal problems, they may be onto the next big aviation money maker.