Five Destinations for the “Super-Adventurous”

The Wall Street Journal has put together a list of five travel destinations that they deem are for the “super-adventurous” amongst us. They label these places as scary, saying that most travelers wouldn’t venture anywhere near them, but for the adventure traveler who has been everywhere and seen everything, they recommend these locales.

The two scariest places on the list are Iraq and Afghanistan, thanks to the fact there are ongoing wars in both places. Iraq has just officially reopened for tourist traffic for the first time since 2003, with small tours visiting some of the historical sites throughout the country. Afghanistan, on the other hand, has generally remained open these past few years, although certain places remain safer than others. That country is lauded for its historical landmarks as well, although the more remote regions get a nod for scenic beauty too.


%Gallery-9128%The next two places on the list are Colombia and the Sudan, both of which require a bit of an adventurous spirit to visit. Colombia has made huge strides in recent years, and is far safer than it once was, although crime remains high in some areas. The country has seen a renaissance in tourism in recent months none the less. The Sudan is a completely different level of dangerous however, with unrest throughout the region, and westerners often the target of attacks. If you’re willing to take the risk though, the Journal notes that there are amazing Nubian ruins and pyramids to explore.

Which brings us to the final destination on their top five, which is Transylvania. While I’m sure the country is interesting and exotic, it doesn’t exactly strike me as an “adventure” destination. They recommend taking a Dracula tour, which really isn’t inspiring adventure either. Compared to the other four on the list, Transylvania, which I’m sure is quite lovely, is down right safe and boring for adventure travelers

Reading over their list I can’t help but wonder if an adventure travel destination needs to be intrinsically dangerous to appeal to that segment of the travel industry. Personally, I don’t think so, as I think there are great adventure destinations that are not necessarily dangerous. But looking at the Wall Street Journal‘s choices, it seems that they think there should be an element of danger involved, even if it is from vampires.