Fairmont joins EMI in the music business

There’s more to recession-era promotion than cutting rates. In fact, chopping prices is considered one of the least effective ways to remain competitive in a tough market. As everyone races for the bottom, potential revenue is lost, and it’s incredibly difficult to fight the tide. So, anything a hotel can do in this market to improve its relationship with guests is crucial.

For the folks at Fairmont, this is music to their ears.

The upscale hotel company has partnered with EMI Music on a new branded program called “The Fairmont Music Store.” Guests can order and download music at decent discounts, and if you’re a member of the Fairmont President’s Club, you could save even more. In addition to 15 percent off for club members, there is priority access for special events featuring EMI artists.

It’s a bit unusual, but today’s market calls for unusual.