Air Jamaica: pay for extra baggage, which might arrive after your holiday

You know, I get it. I do. I mean, the economy is bad, people aren’t taking vacations as often as they used to, and so airlines are feeling the pinch. They need to come up with creative ways to make a bit of cash. Of course they do. We all do. I get it.


Something tells me that Air Jamaica might just be shooting themselves in the foot with their latest scheme. According to USA Today, Air Jamaica will allow passengers flying from New York to Grenada and New York to Barbados to check one bag on the plane for free — but the second bag will cost them US$ 25.

But dude, that’s not the best part.

The best part is that this second bag? The one that you’re PAYING EXTRA to bring on the flight? Won’t actually be on your flight. Instead, it will be “transported within 7 days,” and you’ll have to go to the airport to pick up the bag yourself.


The airline states that the reason for this new policy is because of “weight restrictions on the aircraft.” Hmm.

Ooooh. Wait, I get it: they’re implementing this ridiculous policy so that no one will want to fly them anymore, and look for alternate routes to Grenada and Barbados, and therefore the planes will be lighter, since they’ll have no baggage or passengers. It all makes total sense to me, now!

Except for, you know, the part where it doesn’t.

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