Air New Zealand helps you find love

First, Air New Zealand gave us bodypainted employees. Now, they’re helping us find love. The carrier has announced that it will be offering the world’s first Matchmaking Flight.

Singles will fly from Los Angeles to Auckland in October after a pre-flight party. Participants can create online profiles in advance of the trip in the hopes of meeting someone along the way. The flight will feature “themed food, drink and games” which I assume means lots of booze and many rounds of Seven Minutes in the Aft Bathroom. Upon arriving in Auckland, there will be a singles-only party.

The Matchmaking Flight costs $780, which actually isn’t half bad for a flight to New Zealand. It’s a lot more expensive than a membership to an online dating site, though. And way more expensive than going out in your local area and trying to meet someone. But, it’s clever, bold and adventurous. Maybe it will break you out of your dating rut. At the very least, it will guarantee you a great vacation.

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