Family Friendly Adventures in Israel

There are a lot of reasons for travelers to go to Israel. The country is a cultural, religious, and historical treasure trove, with something to offer just about everyone. In the major cities, there are the usual attractions, like museums and temples, as well as plenty of good restaurants, clubs, and shopping. But there is also a side to Israel that is not as well known. A side that lures in the adventure traveler who is looking to get away from those usual attractions and explore a more unique side to the country.

That is exactly what the New York Times did in this article, that not only offers a glimpse at the more adventurous side of Israel, but also the options for visiting with the entire family. The author, and her husband, take their kids, along with their grandmother, to Maresha, a site that is known for its extensive limestone cave system for a little subterranean exploration. The kids described the place as something right out of an Indiana Jones movie, with its twisting tunnels and dusty staircases.

From there, the family moves on to explore the Golan Heights, where they toured Israel defense bunkers, before proceeding to a citadel left over from the Crusades. The Masada was next on the list, with the 2000 year old fortress built by King Herod, sitting on top of a mountain that offered a scenic and demanding hike.

These are just a few of the highlights from their journey that had a healthy dose of adventure, along with a mix of culture and history as well. The article makes it clear that Israel is a family friendly adventure destination, that will enthrall visitors of all ages with its timeless wonders.