Daily gear deal – MoGo Bluetooth mouse for $30

Today’s daily gear deal is for the MoGo Bluetooth mouse. This may be the second mouse I’ve posted this week, but the MoGo mouse is unlike any other mouse out there.

MoGo stores and recharges inside your laptop. Of course, this does mean your laptop will need a PCCard slot. To use the mouse, you simply pop it out of the expansion slot and unfold the small stand on the bottom. The mouse communicates with your PC using Bluetooth, so you will either need integrated Bluetooth, or an additional Bluetooth “dongle”.

The MoGo mouse normally retails for about $60, but is currently on sale at Buy.com for just $29.99. If your laptop is equipped with an Expresscard/54 slot instead of PCCard, you’ll need a different version ($10 more).

The 3 versions on sale are:

Shipping on these items is free.