One week in Chicago

As a New Yorker, it would seem fitting if I mocked Chicago. It would make sense if I focused on its status as the Second City. But the truth is, I love Chicago. You see, for the last five years or so, I’ve made an annual Spring or Summer pilgrimage to the unofficial capital of the Midwest to visit friends, hang out on Lake Michigan and generally enjoy one of America’s best cities.

Usually, though, I’m only in town for a weekend and I spend that time catching up with friends and not really exploring everything that Chicago has to offer. But a trip to Fargo combined with last weekend’s Gadling Summit provided me with the perfect excuse to spend a full seven days in Chicago.

I experienced a ton during that whirlwind week. Starting on Monday, I’ll be sharing my experiences exploring and eating (and eating and eating) in the Windy City. If you live in or have visited Chicago, you’ll surely appreciate my recommendations and I’m eager to hear your thoughts and additional suggestions. If you’ve never had the priviledge of spending time in Chicago, I hope I’ll inspire you to head to there this summer (which is the best time to go).

It’s Memorial Day Weekend. Why not make your own version of a Chicago dog and tune in next week for my thoughts on that big city on the lake.