Orlando wants a smile from you

The Orlando Convention & Visitors Bureau is looking for an adventurous smiling couple. The winners will not have an easy task. Over 67 days, they will have to experience every attraction in Orlando – more than 100 in all. This includes everything from theme parks to alligators. Every day, the couple will use social media outlets and traditional interviews to communicate their experiences to the world.

“There are clearly a lot of frowns throughout the world because of the economic downturn,” said Danielle Courtenay, Orlando CVB Chief Marketing Officer. “We want an engaging pair of people who you can’t help but smile along with as you follow their Orlando tale of some of the best vacation experiences in the world. You don’t have to have a perfect smile to apply – just a ‘smiling’ personality and outlook on life.”

“We have also decided to search for a pair because a big part of what makes you smile in Orlando is sharing the experience and creating memories with someone special,” Courtenay explained.

The team accepted for this adventure, as part of Orlando’s “Orlando Makes Me Smile” campaign, will live in a two-bedroom condo in Downtown Orlando (which I find to be the best part of town) and receive $25,000 to cover their living expenses back home. Over the two-month-and-a-week assignment, they’ll ride rollercoasters, hang gide, swim with dolphins, get rubbed in massages, wrestle gators and swing a few golf clubs.

For more information and to apply, go to VisitOrlando.com/67DaysofSmiles. For real time updates follow Orlando on Twitter at Twitter.com/VisitOrlando or become a fan of 67 Days of Smiles on Facebook.