SkyMall Monday: Chatter Talking Pet Bowl

Sadly, there are no pets in the SkyMall Monday headquarters. I travel too much to have a dog and cats are just terrible. I had a turtle once, but I had to get rid of him when I discovered that he was anti-Semitic. But I know plenty of pet owners and they always feel terrible when they have to leave their animals home alone. They always worry that their pets will be lonely or miss them so much that they’ll just die. Or pee on the rug. I think only that second part may be true. I don’t always listen when other people talk. Especially about their pets. But I digress. I’m sure that pets get sad when they are alone, so what better way to remind them that they are loved by confusing them with a disembodied voice? Thankfully, SkyMall is prepared to perplex your pets with the Chatter Talking Pet Bowl.

The Chatter Talking Pet Bowl allows you to record a message that plays when your furry friend attempts to peacefully enjoy a snack. Surely your pet will love hearing your voice and then scouring the house to find you. Imagine his joy as he realizes that his loving owner is home and ready to play. Of course, he’ll think you live inside his food bowl, which is odd. But hey, you’re his magical owner who is capable of amazing things like providing him with food and rubbing his belly. No doubt you can also be inside his food dish and/or invisible.

Still don’t think that fooling your pet with a recorded voice is a brilliant idea? Think you’re better than me? Get off your high horse and read the product description:

Does your pet miss you when you’re away? Now your baby can hear your voice any time with the ChatterBowl talking pet bowl…the ChatterBowl helps keep your best friend company, even when you’re away from home.

Your pet needs you at all times. You can’t expect an animal that is entertained by shiny lights and car horns to occupy itself all day without you. It needs to hear your voice at all times just like you love to hear it too. Because you are so important.

So, love and confuse your pet with the Chatter Talking Pet Bowl. Your pet may not care, but you’ll be glad you did.

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