Gadlinks for Thursday, 6.11.09

Bored at work? Here are a couple travel links to keep you entertained.

  • Over at World Hum, Rob Verger spends 24 hours in JFK’s new JetBlue terminal– and lives to tell about it.
  • The crew over at the Freakonomics blog is holding a contest to try to find the worst road in the United States. The rules: “Tell us why your road is the best example of the worst in American transportation, toss in a bit of wit and literary flash, and post your entry in the comments section.” Winner gets some Freakonomics schwag.
  • Highly amusing: The Seven Types of Bookstore Customer from an apparently disgruntled employee. I proudly accept my status as an Internet Hobo.
  • US government convinces tiny island nation of Palau to accept 17 Chinese Muslims held at Guantanamo Bay. The $200 million deal-sweetener probably helped.
  • MatadorNights brings you the Ten Best Film Festivals from around the world (and one “stinkarooni”).