No one still hitchhikes in the U.S., do they?

Brenda linked to this awesome slideshow a few days ago, but I was so inspired by it that I wanted to include it in full here on Gadling. (Tip: Click the “Full Screen” button in the bottom right for easier-to-read slides.)

I’ll admit that I thought hitchhiking as a mode of transportation in the United States was all but extinct. Sure, in other countries, especially those where public transportation is limited and not everyone owns a car, it can be remarkably easy to thumb a ride. But in the U.S., I’ve always thought that most people are too worried about the elusive “axe-wielding serial killer” to pick up a passenger or to take a ride from a stranger.

Yet Aaron Bell shows us, in this light-hearted and informative slideshow, that hitchhiking in the US is alive and well.

[via Vagablogging]