Air New Zealand brings back body paint for cheeky safety video

Last month we told you about Air New Zealand’s clever and quirky ad campaign that featured their crew in body-painted uniforms. Well, those creative Kiwis are at it again, and this time they’re mixing the risque with the safety (that’s close enough to a rhyme for me). They’ve gone ahead and filmed their entire flight safety video in body paint.

Seatbelt instructions? In body paint. Life jacket demonstration? In body paint. Water landing safety? Well, you get the picture. Actually, you don’t get the whole picture. Some strategically placed luggage and seat backs ensure that.

Flying as much as I do, I tend to tune out most safety lectures on the plane. Lately, though, many airlines have replaced the flight attendant demos with clever videos, and Air New Zealand may have just raised the bar for the rest of the industry. And so long as that bar is covering the complimentary bag of nuts, I think it’s a great (and cheeky) idea!

The new video premieres on domestic Air New Zealand flights on Monday, so if you find yourself in that corner of the world, hop on board to see it in its natural environment. And check out the bloopers from the filming of the video here. Thankfully, it’s all safe for work!