Gadlinks for Friday 6.26.09

Aloha, Gadling readers! My apologies for the delayed Gadlinks for Friday. The surf here in Hawaii has been pretty swell (pun intended), so I’ve been in the water for the past few days. Really. Here’s a look at the latest travel-worthy links:

  • Matador’s given us 6 reasons to travel without a plan. I’m sure I could come up with at least four more — the first of which would be FREEDOM!
  • If you’re heading to Asia and need help planning your adventure, the New York Times has some helpful Southeast Asia budgeting tips.
  • I’ve long been a proponent of solo travel, so when I came across Beth Whitman’s perspective on solo travel, I found myself nodding and smiling.
  • Who said Latin Americans were carnivores? BootsNAll’s vegetarian tips for South America proves you can go there and eat to your vegetarian heart’s content.

‘Til Monday, have an epic weekend! I know I will!

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