Gadlinks for Monday 6.29.09

Welcome to another glorious week of Gadlinks! It looks like the web is full of travel news and stories, so we’re not short of interesting links. Here are a few to keep your juices flowing:

  • Matador and the Dir Journal explore abandoned cities in the world and discover the possible appeal of these places as travel destinations.
  • I love summer in small seaside towns. These places really come alive! If you’re heading to the coast, consider staying in one of these seaside inns.
  • Take a narrative journey to the Scilly Isles 30 miles off the coast of Land’s End. The place doesn’t sound silly, though. It sounds purely magical.
  • What is the Mount Everest of scuba diving? Apparently, it’s a sunken ship called the Andrea Doria. Getting there is supposedly just as dangerous as climbing Everest, except you’re coming up for air instead of going back down.

‘Til tomorrow, have a great evening!

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