Dell introduces “Dell Wireless 700” location aware option for the Mini 10

Standing out in the busy netbook world is a tough call. Some companies focus only on design, others have started offering their machines with integrated 3G. Dell has done all of the above, and today they are the first to add location based services to their Mini 10.

The $69 add-on is a hybrid WiFi/GPS Mini PCI-E card/software package, and combines location based information using the Skyhook positioning system and A-GPS (when a signal can be acquired).

The package includes CoPilot for Windows, which means the Mini 10 can be turned into a full turn-by-turn navigation system, offering 2D and 3D maps.

In addition to navigation assistance, the Dell package also provides location aware information through Internet Explorer and Firefox using the Loki browser plugin. This finally brings location based information to the desktop, and allows you to access store finders and share location information on social networks.

We’ll try and dig up some more information about this new product later today, as it is obviously a fantastic add-on for travelers. The best part of this add-on? It only costs $69 – which is about the same price as a stand alone GPS receiver for your laptop.