The postcard goes 3-D

Even with all the technical developments like email, Skype and Twitter that help travelers stay in touch, the urge to send postcards never seems to go away. There’s something strangely thrilling about sending and receiving one of these decidedly analog pieces of cardboard by snail mail. The physical sense it has traveled vast distances across strange lands to reach you at the mailbox outside your front door.

It’s unlikely then that the postcard is going away any time soon. Instead, it seems to be evolving in form. The fine craftsmen at Wurlington Brothers Press are taking the stodgy old postcard to the next level with their “Build Your Own” series. Much like their 2-D brethren, Build Your Own cards begin as flat pieces of cardstock, featuring famous landmarks from New York and Chicago. But each card also features an added bonus, allowing the recipient to construct a miniature 3-D model of the structure using instructions.

The postcard is already a particulary sensory experience, a tiny remant of the sights of faraway places. Perhaps now the old postcard can add one more trick to its book, adding a sense of space, size and scale to a particularly low-tech medium. Now if we could only get that next email to show up in 3-D as well…

[Via PSFK]