Are slot machines at Miami airport a winning idea?

As someone who routinely gets to the airport incredibly early, I can attest that they are boring, uncomfortable places. It’s rare to find free wi-fi, sufficient power sources or quality food. Basically, you sit there, read a book and tolerate the chaos. But, if you’re traveling out of Miami International Airport, you may soon have a new activity while you’re waiting for your flight: slot machines.

USA Today is reporting that the Miami-Dade County commissioners voted 8-3 yesterday to allow slot machines at the airport. The devices would be located beyond security checkpoints and would potentially allow the county to recoup some of the money that the airport is hemorrhaging. At present, the operating cost of the airport is $600 million and could more than double in the next six years. The slots could provide a much-needed revenue stream.

Sure, more money will come into the airport and some gambling addicts will be able to pass the time while waiting for their flights (and you’ll often be waiting for your delayed flight at Miami International), but do you really want to hear that racket? Between the PA announcements, screaming children and people yelling into their phones, the last thing any airport needs is more noise. But money talks and Miami-Dade County needs the help.

So, do slot machines belong in airports? Would you pass the time waiting for a flight by pulling the handle and letting it ride? Or would you rather listen to your iPod, read a book and try to tune out all that chaos? Let us know in the comments.

Photo from flickr user Jeff Kubina.