Best job in the world promoting Great Barrier Reef includes a bonus

Ben Southall, the British guy who won the “Best Job in the World” contest is now busy at work care-taking and exploring the islands of the Great Barrier Reef of Australia to promote them as destination hot spots. In case living on one island for six months sounds claustrophobic , there’s no need to worry about Ben.

His girlfriend, a former Canadian gymnast, went with him for this gig that comes with a sweet deal paycheck. Perhaps the $121,000 total rings a bell.

As a person who has lived in a remote place on my own, I think it’s great that his girlfriend is along with him. I can imagine that as the days pass, no matter how glorious paradise seems, it can get pretty lonely, particularly as tourists come and go since most visit on day trips..

His girlfriend has already added some excitement.

Just last week he had to carry her for awhile awhile after she hurt her right foot when doing cartwheels on a beach during a meet and greet with the press.

Here’s the link to Southall’s blog, “Island Caretaker.” I must say, he looks like he’s having a blast. It’s work, mind you, but fun.