“Best job in the world” winner looking for assistants

Ben Southall, the guy getting paid A$150,000 to gallivant around the Great Barrier Reef Region (and write about it) has come under fire for not blogging all that often. Tourism Queensland, who sponsored the “best job in the world” contest, blamed the lack of blog posts on poor Internet access and the fact that well, Ben’s just too busy “working”. Somehow, I don’t think those of us who spend our days in a windowless office have much sympathy for poor Ben.

To help Ben with some of his workload, he and Tourism Queensland are planning on launching another contest – this time to find four assistants. At this point there are no additional details on the positions or what the application process will entail, but Ben promises he’ll give us the scoop soon. Hopefully, he can find the time.

Is the “best job in the world” winner too busy working to blog?

Ben Southall became the envy of many when he beat out 34,000 other applicants and was awarded the “best job in the world” – the chance to spend six months in Australia’s Great Barrier Reef region. He even got to bring his girlfriend along for the adventure. In exchange for priceless experiences and A$150,000, Southall was to detail his adventures on regular blog posts.

But, according to The Courier-Mail, some people feel that Southall hasn’t keep up his end of the bargain. Since the job started on July 1, Southall has logged just seven posts. Tourism Queensland blames difficulties with Internet access for the skimpy posting and says that they are pleased with Southall’s performance so far, especially given his hectic schedule. Tourism Queensland also claims that Southall has conducted over 50 interviews and has a documentary crew filming his every move. From what is posted on the blog, it does seem as though Southall has a very busy schedule, with dawn-to-dusk activities planned nearly every day. Tourism Queensland also said that they were looking at ways to clear up Southall’s schedule a bit.

Hopefully they can work things out and allow Southall more time to blog. And if it turns out that Tourism Queensland isn’t pleased with his performance, I’m sure they’ll have no trouble finding a willing replacement!

Best job in the world promoting Great Barrier Reef includes a bonus

Ben Southall, the British guy who won the “Best Job in the World” contest is now busy at work care-taking and exploring the islands of the Great Barrier Reef of Australia to promote them as destination hot spots. In case living on one island for six months sounds claustrophobic , there’s no need to worry about Ben.

His girlfriend, a former Canadian gymnast, went with him for this gig that comes with a sweet deal paycheck. Perhaps the $121,000 total rings a bell.

As a person who has lived in a remote place on my own, I think it’s great that his girlfriend is along with him. I can imagine that as the days pass, no matter how glorious paradise seems, it can get pretty lonely, particularly as tourists come and go since most visit on day trips..

His girlfriend has already added some excitement.

Just last week he had to carry her for awhile awhile after she hurt her right foot when doing cartwheels on a beach during a meet and greet with the press.

Here’s the link to Southall’s blog, “Island Caretaker.” I must say, he looks like he’s having a blast. It’s work, mind you, but fun.