French tourists voted worst in the world

OUCH – If you are French, I recommend that you stop reading now, as this is bound to hurt.

The French have been voted worst tourists in the world, in a survey of 40,000 tourists. The results paint a pretty bleak picture of the French, calling them “penny-pinching, rude, pushy and terrible at foreign languages”.

I’ll leave my own opinion of the French out of this, as the survey seems to reach the same opinion I’ve often come to.

The survey was carried out by research firm TNS Infratest on behalf of Expedia, and asked hotels to rank their guests in 9 different criteria.

Joining the French at the bottom of the list are Spanish and Greek tourists. The best tourists come from Japan, followed by the Candians. US tourists got high marks for their generosity when it comes to tipping, most likely the result of the insane tipping etiquette in their own country.

The results are very much in line with the same research done last year, which obviously means the French don’t care too much about their bad reputation.


Which countries *cough* smoke the most?