Bruce Willis eyeing his own “Die Hard International airport”?

Did you know that Bruce Willis owns his own ski resort in Idaho? I didn’t, so when I read that he’s planning to build his own airport to serve his Soldier Mountain ski resort I read with great interest.

Normally, the news of a new airport would be fantastic for the area, but they already have an airport, Friedman Memorial Airport, so things are starting to heat up.

Mr Willis has apparently been great for the region, bringing new jobs and investments, so he does have quite a bit of political power, but building a second airport is going to be a bit of a battle. He’s only in the preliminary planning stage, with the FAA holding consultations with residents and anyone else who has something to say in the matter.

According to an aviation expert, the new “Willis International” would be too close to the existing airport, but since Friedman is boxed in by canyons, a decision will have to be made as to which airport is the safest option.