Inside Curtain Bluff: 72 places to call home

Curtain Bluff isn’t the only “all-inclusive” resort on Antigua – you have countless choices. What differentiates this resort from the many, though, is the collection of small touches that blend decadence and home-style comfort seamlessly. Where else would the managing director interrupt an interview with, “Hold on, I need to go make fun of somebody [obviously a guest]?” This same executive’s commitment is clear, however, when you realize the intended target is one of the property’s many repeat guests.

“Seventy percent comes from repeat stays,” says Managing Director Rob Sherman of Curtain Bluff’s occupancy. “We get children of children of children,” he continues, explaining that this tendency to come back is handed down from one generation to the next. Curtain Bluff, for some families, has become the definition of getaway, and this bit of wisdom is protected with all the zeal of an immigrant parent’s “secret recipe.”

On the property, you’ll find 72 guestrooms, ranging form single rooms to the Grace Bay suite, which includes a lavish bedroom, large living room and hot tub on the balcony. Every room has a view of the ocean, with sliding glass doors opening to the crash of waves and the salty smells of the Caribbean Sea. Frankly, I couldn’t have slept without those waves. The eerie silence that some resorts seem to treasure (a) freaks me out and (b) is at odds with the rhythms of the city that put me to bed every night. The large doors let the environment into your room, connecting you to the details that define Antigua.


If the junior suites aren’t enough for you, amp up the experience and stay in Yo Yo Ma’s room. The world’s most amazing cellist calls Curtain Bluff home for a bit every year and can be heard working his magic from time to time outside his room.

Regardless of which room you choose, be sure to dine on your balcony or patio (depending on your floor) at least once during your stay at Curtain Bluff. The collision of waves with sand is as musical as the band that plays softly in the restaurant, and the ocean breeze naturally enhances the dining experience. For evenings when you elect to go to the restaurant, do remember that men are required to don pants and a collared shirt (oops).

The guestroom is only one part of the Curtain Bluff experience. Come back to Gadling throughout the week for other peeks inside this exclusive Antiguan resort.

Disclosure: Curtain Bluff did pick up the tab for this trip. Honestly, a prolie blogger like me wouldn’t be able to cover this destination without support from the resort. That said, my opinions are my own. Worried that my experience was positive? Blame the resort staff for doing a kickass job. I could lie and say it all sucked, but that would come at the expense of my editorial integrity.