Tour Michael Jackson’s hometown

The Michael Jackson madness continues!

When the announcement of Michael Jackson’s death circulated around the globe in late June, news outlets went crazy. We watched day after day of non-stop Michael mourning on TV. CNN talked about his kids, his declining health, and the rumored cause of death. E! reminisced about the scandals that plagued him, and his decidedly eccentric behavior (baby-dangling, anyone?). VH1 and MTV paid homage to his musical contributions. And I wouldn’t have been surprised if the Food Network had profiled his favorite meals. People Magazine and Us Weekly ran multi-page spreads in every issue for weeks. Even the funeral was televised so that we could watch as the former “King of Pop” took the stage one last time in a rumored $25,000 gold-plated casket (and am I the only one who thought that thing looked like a chafing dish?).

And just when I thought the never-ending frenzy of Michael Jackson mania was winding down, I learned that a company is now offering bus tours of Jackson’s hometown of Gary, Indiana.

For just $55, you can visit such historic sites as Jackson’s childhood home at 2300 Jackson Street, the junior high school he attended and the venue where the Jackson 5 first performed. According to the tour website, the “King of Pop” tours are narrated by Gary residents who knew the Jacksons themselves or their friends and classmates.They also promise never-before-heard stories about Michael and the family.

The first tour will launch Saturday, July 25th at noon. Tours depart from the south side of Chicago and last about 4 hours.