Inside Curtain Bluff: how “all-inclusive” makes life easier

When I spoke with Curtain Bluff Managing Director Rob Sherman, he cringed as he uttered the words “all-inclusive.” I think I know why. It sounds gimmicky and almost implies “discount.” Neither concept fits his resort. There are no gimmicks, just incredible, top-shelf service from a staff that’s worked the property for an average of 26 years. And, obviously, “discount” is in short supply at a property that caters to guests who tend to be affluent.

The underlying concept, however, makes life a hell of a lot easier. You pay once, when you book your stay. After that, you don’t have to think about carrying your wallet or signing for anything. I’ve found that, when I travel, most of the annoyances I encounter are during check-in, checkout and at meals (not including the flights of course, but that’s another matter entirely).

Think about it: check-in runs smoothly until you have to extract your credit card and wait for the imprint. It’s one of the longest parts of the ordeal; everything else is easy. When you depart, you have to wait for the bill to be settled and your receipt printed. Ugh … all you want to do is get on your way, but you have to wait. And, you deal with this at meals, too. You just want to leave, because you’ve finished eating. Not so fast … you have to wait for a frantic waiter to squeeze you in for the check while he scrambles among tables that have entrees coming up, drink requests and all manner of petty complaints. Even when you’re finished, you’re not.


At Curtain Bluff, none of this happens. You’re fee for the booking covers everything else. You can eat as much or little as you want, drink yourself sloppy or have an occasional cocktail and engage in as many activities that turn you on. There are no hidden fees for lobster, sailing or top-shelf liquor. It’s all incredibly easy … and that’s what matters to Curtain Bluff. If the point is to disappear from the real world and take a vacation from thinking and worrying, the best move is to remove the aspects of travel that can force you to do both.

The decision to go all-inclusive, franky, is what makes the experience at Curtain Bluff hum along. The details that bother, bore or hinder are taken out of the equation. Even though it isn’t heavy lifting, the resort does it for you, and you can sit back and enjoy your vacation. Of course, a Curtain Bluff is a bit pricey, so this sort of convenience isn’t available to everybody. But, if you’re interested in an upscale excursion devoid of headaches, Curtain Bluff has the solution.

(Note: spa treatments are billed separately, but that’s the only exception I found.)

Disclosure: Curtain Bluff did pick up the tab for this trip. Honestly, a prolie blogger like me wouldn’t be able to cover this destination without support from the resort. That said, my opinions are my own. Worried that my experience was positive? Blame the resort staff for doing a kickass job. I could lie and say it all sucked, but that would come at the expense of my editorial integrity.