American Airlines: open your wallet

When you have to combat a brutal economic downturn, there are few choices. The airlines are cutting costs, cutting seats and looking for new sources of revenue. But, none of this compares to doubling down on the old revenue streams they’ve already devised! Why work so hard trying to come up with new ideas, when you already have old ones? So, get ready for bag-checking to get more expensive on American Airlines.

Your first bag is going to cost $20 for flights purchased after August 13, 2009 – for travel in the United States and territories (oh, and Canada). This is a 33 percent increase from the current $15. If you want to check a second bag, you’ll pay $30 instead of $25, an increase of 20 percent. If you have sufficient status on American, you won’t have to pay a cent for your two checked bags. Business-class and first-class passengers are in the clear, too, along with the proletarians in coach who paid full fares.