Amsterdam becoming the car tipping capital of the world?

Ever seen one of those little Smart cars? They may be pretty rare in the US, but in Europe you’ll have a hard time not being able to find the little buggers. Especially in the major cities of Europe, the small cars are extremely popular, as they are a breeze to park. In fact, they are so easy to park, that many owners can fit two of them in a single parking spot.

Smart car owners in Amsterdam may be starting to have second thoughts about their little cars, because of an alarming new trend.

“Smart Smijten” is the Dutch name for it, and it translates to “Smart Tipping” – the “sport” of tipping the vehicle into a canal. If there is one thing Amsterdam has no shortage of, it is canals. And since many owners park their car with the rear facing the water, it is easy for a couple of drunk hooligans to pick the car up from the front, and dump it into the canal.

Of course, the cars are a total loss when they have been in the filthy water, and the crane required to lift them out probably doesn’t do them much good either.

Apparently, the Dutch police have known about he phenomenon for some time, but tried to keep it quiet, to prevent copy-cat criminals. It is probably only a matter of time till other cities try to compete. So, if you own or rent a Smart (or other small vehicle), keep it away from any canals when you park!