Murder on the Orient Express? No, just good eating!

If you want to combine fine dining, an historic train ride, and Art Deco elegance, here’s your chance.

The Orient Express is offering a new dining service called simply “The Dinner” which gives passengers a luxury meal aboard the company’s historic British Pullman train.

The trip departs from London’s Victoria station at 7:30pm and returns at 11pm, so don’t expect to pull into Constantinople in time to see the Ottoman Empire fall. An epic rail journey this is not. But what you do get is champagne and an exquisite menu featuring dishes such as Organic Welsh Salt Marsh Lamb, Truffled Welsh Rarebit, and something called the Orange and Chocolate Tasting Plate. All this is served on selected nights in restored Art Deco carriages that make you feel like you’re back in the early twentieth century.

The dinner costs a tooth grinding $640 or more, but if you got the dosh, this sounds like a fun one.