Best beach food. Read this and you’ll be hungry

Reading’s article on the world’s 13 best beach foods right before lunch is one way to heighten the sense of wanting to eat–and now!

When I read about the grilled fish on a beach in Vietnam, I had to stifle a whimper. Oh, how I loved that grilled fish I had on the beach in Vietnam. In Nha Trang, my husband and I hired two women to cook us a private dinner. suggests a grilled fish meal at the Palm Restaurant on Phu Quoc island. Fish in Vietnam is superb. At least all the fish I’ve eaten there.

Another suggestion that has me salivating is steamed lobster in Maine. Oh, how that would be so perfect for lunch. Waterman’s Beach Lobster in South Thomaston is’s pick. I’ve been to Thomaston. It’s a lovely place with or without the lobster, but why not with?

Since I’ll be in Mykonos in August, the mezes description caught my attention as well. The place to get this assortment of appetizer, snack-like dishes is Kiki’s (in photo).

The article presents other beach foods that range from fish tacos to paella to grilled octopus. What I like about the suggestions are that they aren’t snooty foods, but are an accessible price to most travelers because they are regional. Regional food also adds to the assurance of quality. I have to go eat lunch now. I’m starving.