Need help? If you’re flying Delta, look for the red coats.

As much as I’m displeased about Delta’s new policy to charge $5 more for bags checked at the airport , I do have to say I was pleased with how friendly the gate people were on each leg of our flights to New Mexico and back this month.

I think the people I came across are naturally pleasant, but Delta is making extra efforts to ensure passengers feel as if they can get great service from a real person. The airlines have brought the Red Coats back. Red Coats are the customer service personnel of Delta’s yesteryear who are not tied behind a counter but are accessible to passengers in need. They walk around Delta’s service areas to offer assistance. Delta cut those positions years ago, but has decided that having people trained to be extra friendly and on hand may smooth over travel woes and keep customers flying Delta.

The people wearing Delta’s red coats have the ability to rebook tickets, hand out hotel vouchers and any other task that may make travel easier on the passenger. If it’s easier on passengers, it’s easier on everyone.

Delta has moved up a few notches in my book, not that the airline is keeping track of what I think, but having personnel available to smooth over upset is good for business in my opinion. For now, it sounds like the Red Coats are only at major airports. [USA Today]