Girls, girls, girls! Trapper’s Cabin getaway

There’s no guarantee that this retreat will become home to the latest in the Where the Boys Aren’t series, but Trapper’s Cabin on Beaver Creek Mountain does offer the ladies a chance to disappear for a while and enjoy relative seclusion and a bit of relaxation. This four-bedroom, four-bathroom villa is 9,500 feet in the sky, surrounded by nature and designed for high-touch service.

Trapper’s Cabin is a log cabin … that happens to come with a hot tub, steam shower, pool table and professional kitchen. In-room spa services are available, as well, along with the efforts of a personal chef. Skiing, snowshoeing and hiking are not far from the front door.

So, could you imagine taking off with the ladies for a destination like this? Conceive of having your body rubbed down by a skilled spa therapist before soaking in the hot tub … while boyfriends and husbands and kids are trapped in the real world? Trapper’s Cabin starts at $599 a night, which I find shockingly low.