Greyhound taking passengers to the future

When you think of modern travel, you probably don’t spend much time considering buses. However, Greyhound, the largest bus service in the United States, is trying to change that with new buses that may just make ground transportation enjoyable (and modern).

This past April, Greyhound introduced 102 new buses to east coast routes servicing cities such as New York, Montreal, Washington, Boston and Toronto. Equipped with free wi-fi, two AC power outlets at every seat and three-point seatbelts, the new buses are poised to change Greyhound’s image and move bus travel closer to the forefront of people’s minds. In addition to those new features, the buses have fewer seats to allow for more legroom.

According to Greyhound, they launched in the Northeast because it’s their busiest region. Eventually, though, their entire fleet will be replaced by the new buses. And all these upgrades have been made with no adjustment to ticket prices.

Will these enhancements alter people’s perceptions of bus travel? Greyhound is banking on it. Gadling’s own Jamie Rhein already thinks that Greyhound is a worthy option for travelers, so new buses could only sweeten the deal.

I have a few international trips on the horizon, but when the time comes for me to turn my attention back to domestic travel, I would definitely give Greyhound a try. If my long legs and internet addiction are accommodated, I have to consider it worthwhile!